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  3. 豪州 家庭向けバッテリーへの関心

豪州 家庭向けバッテリーへの関心

Rossco / Pixabay

昼間に蓄えた太陽エネルギーを夜間にも利用することが可能となる家庭向けバッテリー。その最先端の動向を、Townsville Solar Power News(オーストラリア)が動画で紹介しています。(動画は英語)

Townsville Solar Power News: This episode of ABC Program Catalyst covers recent breakthroughs in solar power generation and storage.

Some of the tech advances will be with us very soon. The most prominent is a series of more advanced batteries that will not only perform better (faster restorage and ability to use 100% of the power stored), but are also fire retardant.

New building developments are including this technology into their planning – for the future benefit of the residents.

Source: URL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMaMy25bjnM